Dreaming of a better world but think it's out of reach?

We bring you together with like-minded people so you can start acting as an organized network

Find like-minded people

Express your dissatisfaction by posting a complaint that explains the problem and the suffering involved. People will join your group, and you all can begin to talk openly about the issue.
Because you are becoming numerous, tongues are loosening. Others who had not understood until now will also join your cause. You will attract people from all walks of life: lawyers, judges, doctors, experts, thinkers, deputies... now you are ready to act as a sprawling network with contacts everywhere.

Brainstorm solutions

Discuss as a group what you could do, analyze what has worked elsewhere. Decide what actions are relevant and who in your network can do them. Among you, there will often be people who know someone to unblock a situation.
You can't imagine the power of collective intelligence. Not only do you have a network to think together, but also to intervene in the different institutions where you know people. Move forward slowly but surely, and share your progress in your group, it feels good to savor a victory.

Crowdfunding to implement your plan

It's hard to fix everything at once. You'll find yourself breaking down your plan into steps with mini victories.
To help you, we will soon offer crowdfunding: each step can be funded by donations. The advantage is that those who donate money know exactly what it will be used for, and will be able to follow the progress of the project. This is very different from donations to associations, where we don't know how the money is spent.
You can help us implement the corwdfunding feature by making a donation.

No frivolous sayings, we make things happen!

Any time you notice something is wrong, you are most likely not alone
Whether it's a business polluting the river, a law creating injustice, or simply customer service that does not respect you or value your time.
We make it easier than ever to connect you with other protesters. You can then act as a strong team and defeat the dragon together.

WeAlly monitors the fair behavior of powerful institutions

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