Protest online. Find allies and take action

The unique platform for organizing and crowdfunding online protests.

Find like-minded people

Post your concern on a particular topic and have like-minded people come to you. You will quickly form a group of believers.
By showing how many of you are concerned, you will also open other people's eyes to why this issue is important. Attract even more people or followers to your topic

Brainstorm solutions

Talk as a group about what has worked for similar issues in other contexts, Consider what actions are relevant to your concern.
You do not have to fix everything at once, but can plan small steps with clear outcomes and discuss them with others
You can not imagine how smart people can be when they work together to find solutions

Crowdfunding to implement your plan

We will soon offer integrated crowdfunding so that your followers who already know your theme can support you.
We will use part of the money raised to publicize your fight

No frivolous sayings, we make things happen!

Any time you notice something is wrong, you are most likely not alone
Whether it's a business polluting the river, a law creating injustice, or simply customer service that does not respect you or value your time.
We make it easier than ever to connect you with other protesters. You can then act as a strong team and defeat the dragon together.

WeAlly monitors the fair behavior of powerful institutions

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